Have you Lost Your Passion?

Have you ever not felt passionate about what you are teaching, Dave Burgess, author of "Teach Like

a Pirate" states, “It’s okay.” However, we must intentionally look for and find ways to bring passion into our work every day. There are three categories that we must include when bringing passion into our classrooms: content passion, professional passion, and personal passion.

In regards to content passion, we must think about what subject matter and which topics and standards we most enjoy. There are times where we will rely on content passion as we are excited to teach students how to read fluently or teach students about the Civil Rights Movement. However, we know that there are times where the content is simply not our favorite to teach. During those times, we need to rely on the other domains of passion.

Finding and incorporating our professional passion has a lot to do with why we became an educator in the first place. Many times we get caught in the crossfires of day to day activities in the workplace. Yet, we must draw upon the reason we felt called to this sacred profession. I challenge you to define and write down your professional passion. Are you passionate about developing lifelong learners or developing innovative spirits within your students? Why was teaching your calling? On days that your passion meter is running low, I urge you to channel your professional passion and change your perspective.

Dave Burgess states, “to keep your passion for teaching alive, find as many ways as possible to incorporate your personal passions into your work.”

When teachers bring their personal passions into the classroom, powerful lessons are created because you are drawing from an area of strength. This also allows students to see that their strengths and passion can be used and applied in their future.

Remember to use your passion as a productive skill set. Teaching is a job filled with trials and tribulations. Therefore, use those passions to overcome obstacles. As Dave Burgess states, “When you’re passion-filled, you also become more personally fulfilled as an educator.”

Adapted from "Teach Like A Pirate" by Dave Burgess

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