8th Grade Flexible Seating

Social Studies class looks very different this year at one of our middle schools. This semester, the teacher has added flexible seating to her Personalized Learning classroom. Students select activities from a playlist created by their teacher and have several options as to how they will complete the assignments to show they have learned the concepts.

But, it gets better……

Students are also allowed to select their seat everyday.

The teacher has noticed a significant decrease in tardies. If fact, the amount of students late to her class is the lowest it’s ever been in her entire teaching career. Because students are able to select their desired seat everyday, they rush to class to ensure they get their first choice of seating. The teacher also noted that attendance rates have increased which is not something she had considered when moving to this new flexible seating concept. Students only earn a teacher-selected seat if they do not complete their in-class assignments and their grades drop. So far, everyone has been able to self-select their seats.

When you consider all of the benefits to Personalized Learning and flexible seating, it is easy to see why our District is a leader in PL.

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