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Ways to Practice Goal Setting with Students


The Connection Between

Lower and Higher Level Thinking

A time to celebrate, reflect, and set goals. As teachers, we naturally set goals for ourselves in January. Even though it's a midpoint in the school year, for some reason January feels like a fresh start. But what about our students? Do they use January as a time to reflect, reboot, and set goals for themselves? While hopefully reflection and goal setting are a natural part of your class culture (and if not, check out our Growth Mindset Deep Dive for ideas), January is a great time to ask students to reflect and set some larger learning goals to work toward over the rest of the school year. Here are three ways you can help:

Remind Students to Be Present

The excitement of the holidays and winter break may make it difficult for students to get back into the groove. Before you can even ask students to reflect on their learning and set goals, ask them to truly be at school, learning with you. Try discussing the meaning of being present throughout the year to remind your students when things get chaotic!

Set Class Culture Goals Together

An easy way to begin goal setting is with classroom goals. Most likely at the start of the year, you discussed class culture with your students and maybe even set goals around it. Now is a good time to take stock of the class culture together, reflect, and set goals to achieve.

Write it Down!

We already know that a goal is simply a dream unless it’s written down and referred to often. Have students write their educational goals down in a legible manner so that they can refer back to them often. You can get really creative and have student record themselves on their iPads either reading their goals or simply stating them.

Can you Google it?

Have you asked students this question lately?

Read the linked article below by George Couros for thought-provoking information on the connection between lower and higher level thinking.

The Connection Between Lower and Higher Level Thinking

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