7th Grade Food Webs

Science teachers are using student collaboration and personalized learning by giving students choice on how to present what they know about food webs in 7th Grade. The teachers give students expectations - what they need to include to demonstrate their knowledge, then they let the students create their food webs using the method of their choice. Some students are using apps to create an animation to show their food web or a digital picture collage. Some are drawing their pictures on the iPads using different apps, and some are using the Internet to learn how to draw different animals by hand. In one class, students create a rough draft from the research they do on their chosen climate. They will use what they learned to construct their final food web. In one class, students are collaborating to create their food web. Each student has a role: manager, artist, researcher. Great job collaborating and personalizing learning for our students 7th grade science teachers!

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