4th grade at Desert Mesa creating personalized learning opportunities!

The 4th Grade classes at Desert Mesa are focusing efforts on student proficiency in multiplication facts, as well as, basic math concepts so that they will be successful in Math.

In Mrs. Hebebrand’s class students are given a problem that they work out on post - it - notes with their name on the back. The post the answers on construction paper with the specific skill listed (single digit multiplication, subtraction across zeros, etc. The teacher will then review all of the answers quickly so that the next day she can pull a small target group to clarify misconceptions, and fill in gaps. This way she has a quick and clear record of what skills the students need support.

In Mr. Cade’s class students are pulled in small groups work with chalkboard and counting beads to solidify math equations based on student level of mastery. Groups are kept small and move quickly so that the majority of students get challenged.

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