Sunrise Elementary School iTEAM KiDS

Many people think of the Scorpion as an animal to be avoided. However, at Sunrise we embrace being a Scorpion and show that even in little hands, technology can be a powerful tool for success. From planning for teacher training to producing video presentations, iTEAM KiDS are working hard at making a difference and a name for their school.

Most recently, Sunrise was given a wonderful gift from a local community business, painting mini murals in all our campus bathrooms, beautifying Sunrise. As a special “Thank You” gift, a group of iTEAM Scorpions band together to design, film, edit and produce a special video which was delivered to the business owner and met with tears of happiness and sincere appreciation. Connecting our students with the community is just a small part of what iTEAM is doing help make Sunrise and Yuma feel even more like family!

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