Price iTEAM KiDS Submit Podcast for NPR Student Podcast Contest

The Student Technology Leaders of Price Elementary School wanted to enter the National Public Radio Student Podcast Contest. The first, and very difficult, lesson was learning that a Podcast is “heard” and not “watched.” The students listened to several podcasts and diligently studied the GenYes sessions on the subject. The students then chose the topic: “How Does iTEAMs Help Military-Connected Students Succeed?” After much serious deliberation, it was decided that the students would interview Mr. Dennis Harper, co-founder of GenYes / iTEAMs, Mr. Lewis Grable, Chief of the IT Department at Yuma Proving Ground, and Mrs. Janna Perez, iTEAMs Coordinator for Yuma School District One. The students also wanted to interview one of their own team members to find out how iTEAMs helped him succeed this year. All the interviews added up to over 30 minutes of air time, which was a problem. NPR rules only allowed the podcast to be 9-12 minutes long.

Much heart-breaking decision making went into the editing process because the students loved all the interviews, but in the end the students decided that rather than cutting all the guest interviews to very short amounts of time, they chose the best interview and created "Price Elementary School Podcast, featuring the iTEAMs Kids, Parts 1 through 4." Part 1 was created using the Anchor app. The final version was submitted to NPR through SoundCloud.

To date, the podcast has been picked up by Spotify, Google, Overcast, Radio Public, Breaker, and Pocket Podcasts! Fingers crossed that the Price iTEAMs Kids win the NPR contest. As they say in the podcast

business…stay tuned!

Listen to the podcast here:

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