• Look over your student’s agenda every evening.  Help your student check off completed assignments. Together, plan how to complete work that is still to be finished.

  • Make sure your student knows you believe the student can learn what he or she does not yet know.  This is called “Growth Mindset.” Click here for more information about Growth Mindset.

  • Encourage your student to seek leadership roles at school and to do service in our community.  Help your student keep track of these hours and add them to a resume. This will be important for college and scholarship applications.  Click here for community service opportunities.

  • Ask your student to explain the AVID binder organization.  Encourage efforts to organize all papers and tools for learning.

  • Together, come up with a dedicated place to study and complete homework.  

  • Help younger brothers and sisters to find quiet activities so they don’t interrupt your AVID student’s efforts to study.

  • Keep in touch with teachers, both when things are going well and when you have concerns.

  • Attend parent-teacher conferences, AVID Family Nights, and other school events.

  • If you go on a trip, make time to walk through a college campus with your student, just to get a feel for what it is like.


Community Service Ideas:  

You and your student together (or a student who is old enough alone) can volunteer to:

  • Volunteer to support extra-curricular events at school.

  • Serve meals at the Crossroads Mission.

  • Help at the Food Bank.

  • Babysit for church services.

  • Help a coach teach younger children a sport.

  • Help at the Humane Society.

  • Visit the elderly at a nursing home or assisted-living center.  Play games, read, do exercises, or just chat with the residents.

What is a Growth Mindset?
  • A growth mindset means parents, teachers, and students confront new learning and challenging material with an attitude that says:  “Maybe I can’t do this yet, or maybe I will need some help to learn, but I can do this!”

  • When a student is just learning something new or is frustrated by challenging skills, a growth-mindset parent or teacher says things like:

    • “This is what you did well . . . and now you are ready to take the next step.”

    • “Here is something you could not do before that you have learned to do . . . Let’s think about how you learned that.  How will that help you now?”

    • “You can be proud of yourself for sticking with that until you figured it out.”

Consistent, on-going parent/guardian support is essential to the success of our AVID students.  

Please take a minute to think about which ideas below will work for you and your AVID student.

Supporting your AVID student:

Supporting the AVID program:
  • Promote AVID around our community.  Share with friends and relatives how AVID has helped your student.   

  • If you belong to community organizations, ask them to support your school’s AVID program.

  • Tell your school’s AVID coordinator or principal what is going well and your suggestions for making the program the best it can be. 

  • Support your school’s AVID fund-raising efforts.

  • Volunteer to serve on the school’s AVID site team.  Parents are always welcome!

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