What Is AVID Middle School?


AVID is a driving force in all District One Middle Schools:

  • Castle Dome Middle School  

    • AVID Site of Schoolwide Distinction

  • Fourth Avenue Junior High School 

    •  Highly Certified AVID Site

  • Gila Vista Junior High School

    • AVID Site of Schoolwide Distinction

  • Ron Watson Middle School

    • AVID Site of Schoolwide Distinction

  • Woodard Junior High School

    • AVID Site of Schoolwide Distinction

    • AVID Demonstration School

   For more information about AVID       Middle School visit AVID.org

AVID Schoolwide Sites of Distinction
Top 2% of AVID Schools Worldwide
Castle Dome Middle School
Gila Vista Junior High School
Ron Watson Middle School
Woodard Junior High School


Demonstration School

2012- present

2012- present

AVID helps ALL students at our middle schools prepare for their futures because teachers receive common training to help students:

  • Envision their college and career futures

  • Learn a note-taking & review process

  • Organize tools for learning

  • Read deeply

  • Write in all content areas

  • Collaboratively solve problems

An AVID Elective student:

  • has generally passing grades

  • gets a teacher or counselor recommendation

  • has a good attendance record

  • has positive classroom behavior

  • will commit to responsibly preparing for advanced classes, including extra work if needed to succeed

  • is willing to commit to enrolling in at least one rigorous advanced course in each year of AVID.


Links to school AVID webpages:

AVID Middle School Sites

Woodard Jr. High School , Kelly Gurney, Coordinator 
Danny Acosta, Principal
Castle Dome Middle School
Kerry Morse, Coordinator        kmorse@yuma.org
Kevin Gettings, Principal
Fourth Avenue Jr.
High School 
Dovie Warthen, Coordinator
Jose Cazares, Principal
Gila Vista Jr. High School Doug Norton, Coordinator    dnorton@yuma.org
Frank Nunez, Principal
Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 12.37.24 PM.pn
Ron Watson Middle School
Sharron Mott, Coordinator   smott@yuma.org
Donna Franklin, Principal

Students who want a challenge and want to be ready for success at a four-year college can apply to enroll in the AVID Elective.  AVID Elective activities include:

  • Learning with college tutors

  • Writing and note-taking for all classes

  • Developing success strategies

  • Planning for college

  • Preparing for a professional career

  • Visiting college campuses

  • Interacting with guest speakers

  • Participating in extracurricular and community activities

Need an AVID Elective Application? 
Download the PDF and submit the completed form to the site coordinator at the school you will be attending.